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July 7, 2012

Donors Choose

I just typed up my first 2 projects on Donors Choose. I'm excited but also skeptical of asking other people - strangers- to help out my classroom. At this point I'm waiting for them to post my projects on my profile. Has anyone ever done this before? How did it work out for your class?

My first project is a class set of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. All year I have been watching the Scholastic $1 books, hoping and praying that they would become affordable for my class. It didn't happen. I just can't afford to bring a class set myself into the classroom. This past year I used my bonus points and was able to purchase other class sets, but not the one that I like to start the year off with. I'm hopeful...

My other project is a class set of Owl Pellets. I know, I know... Owl puke is gross, but the kids learned so much from it last year. All about how energy flows through a food chain. So much of the time we have to focus on the textbook, that for once I want to give them an activity outside the walls of class. (Yes, we do this project outside because the pellets stink.)

So, will you help my class? If you can't then that's okay too. I just am hoping that somehow it will all work out for this coming year - more budget cuts you know. I added a link to my class profile here on this blog over to the right. When the project is posted I'll announce it on the blog's Facebook page too.

If you have a project that you would like to ask for help with, please consider heading over to Donors Choose and check them out. It is all explained very clearly on their site.



  1. Good Luck with your Donors Choose Projects!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week! I am now following you too!

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  2. Thank you - I hope it works out! I love your blog! =)

  3. I have posted and had many projects funded! Love donors choose.


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