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July 30, 2012

Monday Made It - Multiplication Toss Game and Warm Fuzzy Clip Chart

Another Monday to link up with Tara - only one more until I'm back with the kiddos at school!  I could cry because summer is almost over, but instead I'll be happy that I can finally move all my stuff out of the dining room and garage, and back into the classroom.  We get our keys tomorrow!

This week, the 2 projects I'm sharing are my multiplication fact toss game and my warm fuzzy clip chart.  First up is my multiplication fact toss game.  I saw the idea on Pinterest to use a shower curtain to create a bean bag toss game - so when I saw shower curtains at the Dollar Store, I grabbed one.  
Here it is.

How did I make it?  I laid the shower curtain on my tile floor.  I have 12 inch tiles, so I tried to just lay the duct tape down following the lines of the tiles to make a 5 x 5 array.  Then my oldest son helped me by choosing a font and we did 2 or 3 of each number from 2-11.  There is only one 1, and I tried to have 3 of the higher numbers (6, 7, 8, and 9) since my students usually really "get" their multiplication facts below 5.  It's all about increasing the probability of getting a higher number to have to multiply.  When the numbers were all printed, we stuck them into sheet protectors, then used clear packing tape to tape the top and bottom of the sheet protector onto the shower curtain.  The numbers are randomly stuck down.

For my other project I decided to turn my compliment bucket into a warm fuzzy clip chart.  So here's how I made it - please pardon the mess of a table that I have all my stuff on...

*I needed another one of my dollar store pizza pans
and some fun scrapbook paper.  Other than that it was just the basics - hot glue, letters, ribbon, clothespins, and puff balls. 

Okay - it's pretty simple to make.  
1. Lay the paper upside down on the pizza pan and trace the edge.
2. Then cut it out, and hot glue it right side up on the pan.
3. Add letters.
4. Then take clothespins and hot glue the "warm fuzzies" on the edge.
5. I put ribbon on the back so I could hang it on my white board.

 The point of making this for me was that filling up a container didn't really work - I couldn't remember how many I'd already stuck in there, and trying to get it to the top for a class prize was taking too long. I wanted an easy way to see how many more were needed as a visual reminder for the kids.  On the pizza pan about half way I added little lines, and the bottom edge says "When all moved we get a prize".  For my 4th graders I have 15 warm fuzzies that need to be moved before we get a class treat.  I'm mainly looking for compliments from administrators and other adults that compliment my students throughout the day (hint to any of my teammates that are reading this).  I want my students to do their best - all the time - and if it takes a little extra motivation to do so at the beginning of the year, then I am willing to give it!

Have a great day!  



  1. I love the fact toss game! Very cool! The kids will love it! Stop by my blog when you get a were my inspiration for today's post!

    Teaching with Moxie

    1. I saw :) Thanks for asking the hard questions for me!

      I hope they like it - when I was trying to fold it back up - well it doesn't fold up easily now with the duct tape. :/

  2. I love your Warm Fuzzies board!! It came out great! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Awesome ideas! I love both of them. I'm thinking the warm fuzzies might make an appearance in my class. Thanks for sharing!


    Books, Blocks and Baskets

  4. Hi Emily, I've just discovered your blog, and as a first year teacher I can already tell it is going to be very helpful. I am wondering what sort of treats you give out once all the warm fuzzies have been moved. When you move the warm fuzzy do you tell the class what the compliment was? I will have a compliment book that we read aloud once a week to start our class meeting and I was thinking I could write the compliment there with a wf* next to it to indicate that it is a warm fuzzy. I really like the idea that the compliments must come from outside the classroom.

    1. I do tell them. So far this class doesn't have any issues walking in line - last year was a different story... so I changed it a bit on the 2nd day with my new class. I told them since they were experts with walking in line and doing a good job - that I wanted to change it with the whole class staying on green for the day... then I also gave them 2 warm fuzzies for bringing in all the office paperwork before the Friday due date. I didn't have to nag anyone, so I thought they deserved it. When they reach 10 (1st trimester) they will get a small treat from me. Either 5 tickets from the ticket jar or I'll bring in doughnut holes to share. The big thing is just something small to say thank you for being a great class.

      Last year was a different story - we tried to get warm fuzzies for compliments on walking a straight line every morning, being quiet in the library, etc. I'll still do compliments with my new class, but at this point I want to reward full class with odds and ends. Hope this makes sense.


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