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July 13, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday (Giveaway ends in 5 days)

Once again I'm linking up with Elizabeth in Fun in Room 4B with her linky party.  

I'm so excited about these products, and yes since I took these pictures I have opened up the packages.  Both I saw from other bloggers, and I figured that they were such good prices that I couldn't live without them any longer.    
 Circle cutter and mat - both pink =)  Cutting out plain circles is so easy now with many different sizes.  I just am trying to figure out how to place a circle that has print on it, to get it lined up perfect to be able to cut it out.  I seem to be off kilter... 
 A monthly set of notepads, post it notes, and page markers.  It was a bummer that I couldn't use the education discount on this, even though I tried to convince them that I would be using this in the classroom.

On another note my book of the Book Whisperer came in the mail too.  I'm trying to get into it, so far it's been difficult with so many distractions around here.  Life with 3 sons is never dull.  Add this past week of helping out at VBS (Vacation Bible School) in 100+ temps and I'm downright exhausted by the time that I actually have a moment to read.

Lately I have been doing returns of all the stuff that I thought I needed from Costco, Target, Michaels, and Barnes and Nobles.  Well, actually I didn't do the returns, my dear husband took care of it all. (It was safer this way.  I would have done the return and then went shopping again).  I love shopping, but I really need to start living in reality and remembering that my classroom is full of stuff just waiting for me to get back in there in a couple of weeks - I don't need any more stuff to haul back in.
Remember - only 5 days left to enter my 100+ follower giveaway.  Sign up if you are interested!


  1. I just bought that circle cutter, too, after seeing Kristen blog about it on her link up a few weeks ago :)
    I haven't used it yet and hope I can figure out making sure it doesn't get "off" either.
    Thanks for linking up.

  2. Don't you just LOVe B&N's bargain finds? Love those notepads; I always seem to buy more and more of them. Let me tell you - I DON'T NEED THEM!! I just can't resist.

    I know once you get started on The Book Whisperer, you'll love it. I read it last fall, and kept reading parts of it to my class. (They were a captive audience and I just HAD to share it with someone!)

    Love your blog; I'm your newest follower!

    Inside this Book

    1. I am now hooked onto the book! It makes the time on the stationary bike go so much faster!

  3. Those are great finds! I'll have to check if my BN has that notepad set!! Love it!

    Miss R's Room

  4. I just bought a circle yesterday, but it didn't come with a pad so I just used cardboard. :( I found your blog from this linky and just became your newest follower. I'm a new blogger and also teach fourth grade. :)
    iTeach 1:1

    1. I had to buy the pad separately, but it was right next to it online. Thanks for following me! I enjoy your blog as well.

  5. I haven't heard of a circle cutter... interesting!
    Thanks for sharing. I just posted my version of the Whole Class Journals- I would love to send you them as a THANK YOU for inspiring me!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  6. Love your blog! I am giving you the One Lovely Blog Award, I know you already have the award but think you deserve the award again :) Looking forward to see what your class is up to this year.

    Teaching Star Students

    1. Thank you so much for wanting to nominate me!


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