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July 17, 2012

Homework Folder (Giveaway ends tomorrow)

Homework, oh homework... 

When I was a kid I loved homework.  I know that sounds weird, but I loved being able to show my family and my teacher that I could do the work by myself.  Maybe it was the teacher-in-training for me at the moment (and that part of me changed in high school and college), but I had these elementary teachers that made learning fun.  At least that's what I remember from that time of my life.  I want to be that fun teacher that students don't mind showing off to that they "get it".  With district regulations, 4th graders have to have 1 hour of homework per night.  I have broken it up into the different subjects, and I do my best to make sure the kids are capable of completing the homework by themselves before they walk out the door.

Here is more paperwork that you may be able to use.  These papers are put in sheet protectors inside their homework folder for daily reminders going back and forth, home to school.  Since the kids choose one of their own folders (from their supply list) as their homework folder, there isn't that much prep work that is involved for me.  
This document is what I use for the 1st trimester in my class every week.  
I change it up every trimester to add more writing for the week 
(2nd trimester is 2 paragraphs, 3rd trimester is 3).     
This document came from Teaching in Room 6 as part of her homework folder.
I include a unit list of spelling words in their homework folders.  
These lists come from the Open Court Resources website.  I love that website with all the study guides, power points, vocabulary pictures, etc... for every unit and story!  If you have Open Court Reading, and don't know about the website - please visit it!  There is so much information that other teachers have shared and it's all available for free.
I hope these papers help someone.  

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