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July 26, 2012

To Do List (Linky Party)

I'm linking up with Lorraine at Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies 
with her To Do linky party.  I figure I better write it down since the school nightmares of forgetting something have already started...

At the beginning of summer vacation, I made up my project list.  I've gotten a lot of it completed, but then I added more, and decided that some I didn't need to do during the summer when I could have parent helpers help out with it... and then there is still more to do that I keep forgetting about.  

Here is my list at this moment in time:
*Create my BTSN packets - they are copied but I need to put them together with my new business cards that just came in.
*Put sheet protectors into my Friday Folders - I still haven't done this yet
*Create a welcome letter for the first day and staple on the supply list
*Have all copies ready for the first week of school
*Get a rug - I really want a rug
*Make up a sample Summer Sandwich for the first week
*Make up my Star of the Week poster for this year (I'm the first one)
*Make up a sample All About Me math doll
*Update my August newsletter
*Scan in the files from my filing cabinet
*Update my school laptop
*Update my school website
*Update all the files in folders on my home computer
*Find a tablecloth for my front table (Anna's Linen's have vinyl tablecloths for $2.99)
*Organize all my math manipulatives out of those silly little bags they came in - which means I need to purchase some bins to hold all the stuff
*Get more library plastic tubs for more chapter books because I bought 50 more books at the Friends of the Library store - told them I was a teacher and each book was $.25.
*Move everything into school and create a classroom
*Zip tie all the desks together
*Bulletin Boards
*Classroom Library
*Straighten up cabinets

I'm sure there is more stuff - but at this moment my list is already bugging me with how long it is. 
*Updated as of 7/29 - so much more to do... 


  1. Ugh, thanks for reminding me that I have SOOOOOOOO much left to do before school starts. AHHH!

  2. All of it was great, but as I glanced over your to dos...never occurred to me to Zip tie the desks. Brilliant!

    1. It's not my idea - just saw it on Pinterest. I bought the zip ties, I'm just wondering if it's the best thing since usually we switch desks once a month into a different arrangement... but I found my most favorite arrangement at the end of last year, so I'm almost positive I want to keep it like that this year - which means the desks could stay and the kids could move their stuff.


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