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December 4, 2012

Decorating for Christmas - Factor Trees

We made it to factors!! Chapter 12 - we are halfway through the textbook!!! Can you sense my excitement?!?
For factors, since it always falls right before Christmas, my class creates Factor Trees. I have them draw a star, write the number in it, then draw a tree underneath. They write the factors in the tree (circling them to create ornaments), and then label the trunk either composite or prime. Today's lesson was identifying the number as either prime or composite. They had fun!!

Tomorrow we will find the prime factors of a number. To have some fun with it, the students will be using the handy dandy dice to roll a number and then find the factors of that number. I created the above worksheet to help them out (it's free if you want it). I know they are capable of creating their own trees, but they have been drawing them super tiny on their whiteboards, and I want them to be decent size to hang up. It's all about decorating the classroom for the upcoming holidays!

Hope you had a good day :)  

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