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December 30, 2012

Resolutions and Campus Book Rentals

Hi Everyone!  I need you to keep me accountable with my resolutions this next year.  I know I wrote about some different school areas yesterday, but these ones are more my personal ones.  A while ago I had my 3,2,1 goals for the week going on and I kind of got busy... so I dropped them... and then I forgot about them... basically, long story short -  I need goals to stay focused on what really matters. 

Here are my resolutions for this next year.  I'm not going to say anything Earth changing because well, if it was Earth changing I wouldn't be able to conquer them, and then I would just be depressed by the end of 2013.

Here we go:

Goal #1 - Take care of myself.  I want to deal with my stress in positive ways.  I want to take time for myself, believe in myself, be less stressed out, and be happy.  I have a good life and I deserve to take care of me.  Yes, that means making good choices with food and exercise.  Yes, that means that I need more sleep.  Yes, that means that I will watch girl movies, read my books, and perhaps get a massage every once in a long while.  

Goal #2 - Be more present with my family.  I am always present physically but I need to work on being more mentally here.  My boys have gotten into the whole Legos, Star Wars, Cub Scouts, Ninjas, etc... (BOY STUFF) that I don't understand.  Daddy is the person they want to play with because he "gets" it, I'm the person they want when they are sleepy or hungry or hurt.  I want to try to figure out my boys so I can have fun too with them. 

Goal #3 - Save money.  I tend to like to shop.  I'm pretty good when I don't need anything, but I can't pass up a deal if someone in my family or extended family wants something.  I think to myself a lot, "That would be perfect for ____."  Then I have to get it, and save it for that perfect occasion.  I need to save money this year! 

This brings me to my next reason for posting today.  I was contacted by this great website that wants to help college students save money on their textbooks.  I bet we can all think of at least one college student in our lives that could use this information - perhaps, you are the college student!

Rent Textbooks

Campus Book Rentals was one of the first companies to want to save college students money by renting textbooks.  There is a video on their website that explains it all very clearly.  There is also an opportunity for those of us out of college - we can sign up to rent our old textbooks!  Did you save yours like I did?  That would definitely help me organize my garage (and would make my husband happy)!  

Anyhow, click on the link above to head to their website to check them out.  They really are a good company to work with.  Fun fact - This company has partnered with Operation Smile and is donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries to children in need.  See, super nice people!

I hope you all have a good day!  


  1. I am with you in the "Save Money" area. The thing is, much like you, I am always thinking about other people and if I see something I'm always like "Oh this is perfect for so-and-so.." I LOVE to make other people happy and rarely buy anything for myself! My fiancee and I are both teachers and we want to buy a house so we seriously need to save save save! I didn't even think of setting that as a resolution but think we can make this a "Couples Resolution". And thanks for sharing the website! My younger brother and 2 younger sisters could definitely use it! Good luck on keep your resolutions!! Cheers to the New Year

    Primary Teacherhood

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Emily and I am so glad that you can help me out with my giveaway! I will get in touch soon. I am also with you on the saving money. I buy for others a lot and I just can't pass up a good sale, especially now that it is so easy to buy online!
    Thanks again,
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Just let me know what I need to do! Congrats!

  3. I'm the same way with shopping! My problem is that I can never save the items for that "perfect time" and I give them to them immediately instead of saving for birthdays, etc!! :(

    Thanks for linking up to share your resolutions!
    Teaching Maddeness


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