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December 19, 2012

Reviewing Multi Digit Multiplication

Look what I made today!  

In between cleaning the house, decorating a gingerbread mini village with my boys, participating in my toddler's speech session, and wrapping gifts - I also made up 2 different Valentines multiplication sets of task cards.  

The first one reviews 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication.

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The second set reviews 2 and 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication (since my own 3rd grader was getting a little sad that the other ones weren't for him).

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We are going to do a little scoot action at school before I stick them out into the math center rotation.  Planning on sticking these out the end of January to last until Valentine's Day.  Can you tell that I love the game of Scoot?  The kids always get into it, and it's a great way to review 32 problems without getting bored.  I usually time them for a minute - so it encourages them to speed up so we can rotate.  There is an answer key too for both, so it can make a self checking math center.   

The past couple of days I seem to be posting things and giving them away on my Facebook page to the first couple of people that comment on the posts.  Just an FYI if you haven't found me there yet.  

 Thanks everyone for all the support in Blogland, on FB, and this new venture at TPT.

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