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December 17, 2012

Planning for January - Math Review

Yesterday I felt like I had to be productive.  It kept me from continuing to scan the updated news.  

I picked lemons from our tree and we delivered them to our neighbors.  We've done that for at least 5 years, but this time one of our neighbors was out on her front porch.  She started calling to us as the boys ran up her lawn to deliver (they haven't really learned that you aren't supposed to walk on other people's grass yet) saying, "My Christmas lemons are coming..." I didn't realize how much it meant to our neighbors.  It made me feel really good.

I've also been thinking about my school kiddos.  I mean I just sent them home for 18 days on Friday, and I've been wondering about that first day back after the New Year.  I wonder what our discussion will be about first thing in the morning, I wonder about a lot that day.  

I know that I am not going to want to dive right back into the math book that first day.  It will be a 3 day week and I really want to spend those days just reviewing everything... making sure their foundation is really ready to go before we plow on.  So, yesterday I made up a scoot game to play on that first day back.  
 There are at least 4 task cards for each topic.  We are going to play it as a game the first day, and then I will stick it into our math center rotations for the remainder of winter.  

Topics included are math facts, double digit multiplication, long division (including remainders), factors, place value, and rounding.  I even included an answer key since my brain will not want to compute all the answers that first day back from vacation.  :)  Just being honest.  Click either of the above pictures to take you to TPT if you are interested.  


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