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December 23, 2012

Penguin Valentine Multiplication Flash Cards

Just a quick post to show you what I made!  Some of my students this year are having a hard time with remembering their math facts - even though we practice them every day at school (and they are supposed to practice at night too)... so I made up cute little review cards for them.  Each page is a specific math fact that they need to work on.      
 I'm going to print and laminate a colored set to add to my math stations, but I'm also going to print off a set of just the flashcards for each kid as to what fact they are working on.  It will be another little incentive for them to move forward to get the next set.  They can cut them apart and add them to their math fact rings.
 It's all about loving math facts... since I tell them all the time that they will use their math facts every single day of their life for something or another.  
It's over at TPT if you want to grab it, especially during the sale.  

My 20% sale ends tonight!  That reminds me - I have to go over and check out!

P.S. - I just posted over on Facebook that I'm giving it away to the first 2 people to comment over there.  :)    


  1. Love your blog! So glad you stopped by mine today...we 4th grade teachers need to stick together. I am your latest are getting close to 300!


  2. I have a blog going and i would appreciate it if you could add it to your list.

    Thank You!

    Jessica Myers

    The Hollywood Gossip

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll check yours out!


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