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December 8, 2012

Winter Wonderland

5:40 pm on a Friday night and I was back at school after going home for an hour and a half. Winter Wonderland was about to begin at 6 pm and I needed to grab all the crafty type stuff from my classroom.

What was my grade level selling? An experience... Seriously though... It was an experience. We were the only craft station set up.

Now picture this... I am not alone as I walk in the dark to my little portable. I have my 3 boys with me. My 2 oldest are arguing about who gets to push my toddler in his stroller (which he isn't happy about riding in). I get to the classroom to grab my rolling cart with the supplies loaded on and we trudge on across campus to the gym.

We drop off the supplies at the grade level table and head to the staff room (3 boys and stroller) to grab a gigantic piece of red butcher paper to use as our tablecloth.

Our supplies? A 100 pack of white 4 inch tiles from Home Depot, a box of colored sharpies, a Costco pack of white tissue paper, a package of brown paper bags, and a pencil box to use as a cash box.

It was a simple project but the kiddos loved it. We bought the tiles at 16 cents a piece, and sold them for $2. We made money for our field trip and for enrichment. The kiddos made gifts for their relatives and gifts for themselves.

We didn't really have to do anything. Not like last year when I came home wearing so many shades of glitter. We just watched kids decorate tiles, and wrapped them up for safe traveling.

It was a good night.

My husband did meet us there to take the boys around to the different tables. My toddler fell asleep - a very late nap - and we had to wake him up when it was time to visit Mr and Mrs Claus. They were visiting from the North Pole and made the trip to take pictures in our library. My 1st grader who is terribly stage shy decided at the last minute to get up on stage with his class to perform/sing to Jingle Bell Rock, and I was glad that my phone camera was in my pocket so I could record the moment. Yes, a good night, an exhausting night, a money maker of a night, a memory filled night.

Happy Friday!

5 more school days!!! :)

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