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December 13, 2012

Gift Giving - Office and Team Gifts

I need to make Christmas school gift giving affordable and I am SICK of baking cookies.  Probably because I baked and baked as I stuck cookies into oven mitts for my parent helpers.

So, since I tend to have a weird sense of humor - (I get a kick out of puns) - I am handing these little things out tomorrow morning.  I seriously doubt that my coworkers are going to be checking the blog between now and then, so I think I'm safe in posting.  :)

"Have a very berry Christmas" - These are reusable tote bags that tie up into a little strawberry shape.  I love my Amazon finds, especially when they are adorable.  They were about $1 with free shipping a couple of weeks back.  Just a little something for my teammates to help haul out the goodies tomorrow.    

"Orange you glad it's Friday, December 14th?" - These notes are tied onto personal size orange soda.  They are for the office staff.  A 6 pack of soda was about $3 tonight at the store.  

Last year, I did these for the office staff, 
so now I have to keep going on the puns... 
"We wisk you a Merry Kiss-mass"
(This isn't my picture, that was before I started blogging and I wasn't thinking pictures, but I did make mine look exactly like this, found everything at the dollar store.)
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I know this was a double post, but maybe you specifically avoided my owl pellet dissection pictures from earlier this evening.  :)  I wouldn't blame you at all... I cringed while opening up the package too!  

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