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January 23, 2014

Edible Math!

Edible Math... YUMMY!  
I usually use a lot of food in my lessons, but this year with the kids' severe allergies, I have cut back a lot.  Here are some things that I have used in the winter and spring:


In January we are working with data a lot - so many graphs, etc... I found this freebie from Smart Chick last year.  It was easy to grab some candy necklaces over at Winco in their bulk aisle (I think 15 cents each), and this makes for a fun Friday.  
Data Landmarks with Candy Necklaces ~ FREEBIE!

Product Details
For Valentines, I usually give each student a box of conversation hearts and they find the fractions for the different colors.  The below sheet is located over on this post from last year.  


For St. Patrick's Day I scoop a bunch of cereal into baggies and give them to my students with a tag that "I am so LUCKY to have you in my class".  They then use the cereal for this math project by Fifth in the Middle.   
Lucky Charms Cereal Math


Skittles Math (Easter Party)

Skittles Math Printables for the Upper Grades *17 Pages of
Teaching with a Mountain View has this Skittles Math that I used last year for my Easter party.  It works with probability, fractions, etc.    

I love this time of year with so many review options.  :) 
Go check out the rest of the ideas over at Jivey's!  


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! There's something about eating that makes math much more bearable for some students :)

  2. These are such fun ideas for the rest of the year! Thanks for linking up such fun ideas!! :)


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